New year Fresh resolution


It’s that time of year and everyone is ready. Blank calendar, new cross trainers, stack of motivational books and a carefully thought out check list laminated and pinned to the fridge. We are ready to resolve, to make a plan, to revamp the day planner with all the things we are going to gain from this new direction.

But,what if Christ was our new direction…

What if you just cleared your schedule for his agenda…

What if moving forward ment slowing down the pace, turning down the volume, and cleaning out the clutter of the gaining this and attaining that….

What if we all sat still and just listened for God…

Psalm 27:14

Wait upon the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, WAIT for the LORD.

Now I’m not saying to sit in the place you are stuck and wait for a crane to come and dislodge you from your fears, or laziness, or business.  If you are lost in the fog with a self made map, you need to prepare for change and then make it. But what I’m hammering at is that direction, and control is the key.

The KEY that Christ holds for each of us. As you look into this next year be wise with the 2 most powerful words in the English language.

Yes and No

We are all running out of time…

Time to get our chores done, time to get the kids off to music and soccer. Time to finish that report or pay that bill. You see time is the great equalizer that makes us desperate to use it wisely, but frantic to get everything accomplished. Everything we are trying to purchase, everything our parents expect from us. Everything our spouse is longing for from us, and everything our friends are attaining ahead of us.

What you choose to say Yes to, determined what your most rapidly dissolving commodity is going to be either invested in, or wasted on.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has made all things beautiful in HIS TIME. He has set eternity in the human heart, yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Christ has managed his time with excellence and He wants to help you better manage yours. What ever it is you are striving for, God can get you there faster and make it beautiful. He is the only free ride you are going to be encouraged to take in this life, a free ride that  will give you more then you can imagin. The blessing he is waiting to bestow on your life and the calling he has for your future are profound but you must seek him first to gain access to the BEST YES he is calling you too.

With the best couch comes the winning athlete, so run not a race but into his arms.  They are waiting to carry you to the top of the ladder, to drive you through that hectic car pool, to lift you out of the pit you have fallen into. Run and Rest and Trust in the Resolve of a better plan and the perfecter of your new direction.

Revelation 21:5

(God) Behold I am making all things new again Also he said Write this down for these words are trustworthy and true

So this year stop the trying, the purging, the playing the part of the Pinterest Perfect Parent. Seek God. Seek Him like buried treasure or like missing keys when you are late for work. Long for his voice and listen so you will hear it. Be still and be silent and get unplugged and disconnected from the buzz of the now and the better and the urgent.

Your time to make a BEST YES is running out. Christ makes us new and the old self we are so painstakingly trying to wash away one pound at a time, or one bad habitat a time, will be washed down stream with the cumbersome, and the clumsy, and all the things that have been holding you back will  be revealed not as things, but as choices. Choices of time wasted and relationships squandered, opportunities missed and time spent with the Saviour of our Souls and King of our Hearts lacking in attention and focuse.

So this year make a Resolution to SEEK GOD in the places where WISDOM GATHERS and as you dwell in the presents of the PERFECT PLAN-MAKER you will become bold and equipped and eager to step forward into the life you have been searching for all along.

Matthew 7:8

For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.


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