The light that just keeps on shining even when things seem kinda dark

It’s April in the Peace River and you and you aren’t thinking “Fire Season” but that is just what is raging all around the country side. 70Km a/hour winds and tinder dry ground. The dugouts are full but the ditches are dry. Lighting strike, a spring clean up burn that gets away, power poles sparking in a wind storm… Its all up in smoke and covering ground fast. It hit home for us as we watched friends displaced from home they might never see again. And the smoke and flames I watched from my bedroom window late into the night wile nursing my baby made me think about the sin of worry and the challenge of faith.

And there she was, my Reata girl. Omie had taken her to the dollar store and she picked a pink birthday hat to take home. It had blinking lights and pink pom-poms on it. She just wanted to celebrate and have a party and her lights just kept blinking. As I kissed her good night after we talked to God together she settled in with her special hat on, lights shining in the darkness, and I was reminded…
God light shines all the time and He is always good.

He is worthy of our praise in the easy moments and in the hard ones even more.
Cause even if all the world is burning around us He is still God and He is still in control. I am not asked to have all my imagined troubles solved before they even come to life. I am asked to worship. I am commanded to make God my first, not to fall in-line behind my anxiety. I can’t sit in my concern, and not be concerned about others, cause we are all Gods children and that is a life worship.
James 2:14 “What dose it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but dose not have works? Can faith save him?
God saves, faith believes and our faith, is to be worked out in our lives, producing good works that breath life in to the darkness. And God blesses the obedient who follow the calling of their faith.
The kids were all tucked in and the power was back on, the wind had shifted and the Lord called me back out into the darkness. Because he was with me, I was to go and shine light into the lives around me. Intimidated I drove down the dark winding road that led me to the neighbours. The coyotes were darting in front of my SUV and the gate squeaked just to make it all the more creepy.

However obedience to the faith of your Father’s calling must be met with action and it is encouraged by blessing. By grace I met my neighbour before heading down the hill, before the first wire gate, before the creek crossing, and we talked about the fires and our horses and making bread.  I gave her a fresh loaf I baked the day before. Standing in the darkness surrounded by dark forest and shivering with the cold wind cutting through our spring jackets. I was blessed…
Gods light blinking like a birthday hat from the dollar store can be you… It can be me… Your fear or your overwelmed schedule or your weaknesses are no excuses to be held back from Gods calling on your heart to be His light in a lonely world, burning its self into blackness.
Let your Faith be confirmed in the good works of obedience and worship and praise even when your energy is low and your heart is heavy. Nothing uplifts like the power of the Holy Spirit working in you. Discernment leads to decision and that takes us to action.
Homes are still at risk and smoke still fills the spring air. But the contrast of leaves bursting and grass greening and birthday hats blinking tell me God is still alive, and in all His glory. His name is worthy to be praised and I will worship Him with gladness and I will obey Him in the good works He has for me, even if I am afraid. Because His love casts our fear so I must spread the love, of the Giver of Lights, and share the hope that is growing in my heart.