God is still on His Throne


It has been a challenging Spring.  Not to say its been a bad one, but challenging.  As we have walked this new season I can see how the Lord has prepared me for this time of humility and learning and trusting.  Through conversations Jan and I have been having for the last number of months.  From the Scriptures I had felt compelled to study through and through the friendship that had been rekindled.

God is beyond good… He is Great.

It was Psalms I decided to read through.  I was surprised to come to the realization that I have never actually read through the Psalms and I was looking for some encouragement and I figured it would uplift me.  As I started my journey through this long book I was surprised at the depths of sorrow and despair, and the constant referencing to war and crushing of people under heels….

This was not what I was looking for, but I had made a commitment to myself so I figured I better keep going.  Reminding myself “David was a warrior and a deeply passionated individual.”  I gave him the benefit of the doubt and hoped it would get better.

It did.

Through the highs and the lows one thing stayed the same, “God is still in Heaven and I will worship God.”  Even when the world was against him, He worshiped God.  Even when when his enemies pressed him, God was still worthy of Praise.  Even when his body failed him and when shame and guilt overwhelmed, he knew God was still on His throne.

There was always a bright day coming and there is always Hope.

What if my deepest moments of despair could be followed by my deepest offerings of Worship?  If I focus on Hope, my Praise isn’t hindered. Its the Promise of the Gospel and it is proclaimed in the Peace of knowing God is on your side.

That wasn’t all, this goes on and on for 150 Chapters.  Its a proclamation that its normal to get down, and its normal to move on.  And the truth is, its going to happen again and again for the rest of your life.  So the only constant you can count on is, God will still be in Heaven and He is always worthy of praise.  And even the hot mess you might be right now, He still desires to be your Father and your Rock to take shelter in during the storm.

But there was still more!  You all know it, Psalm 23.  I almost skipped it, but I committed to reading them all so I read it through with searching eyes, and when I got to verse 6 I was challenged in a completely new way.

And surly Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…

It have been reciting it all wrong the last 30 years, I had the words right, but I took it as a promise for me.  Like I am receiving these things and walking blessed.  But the matter of the fact is, the Goodness and Mercy are following me,  I am the one to leave a trail of Blessing for others to receive.  

Its Less of Me and More of You Jesus…

Less Worry and More Worship…

Less Pride and more Perseverance…

So I don’t know what struggle you may be in or what victory you may be celebrating today but take a moment to Praise God, He is worthy of your reverence in the good time and in the bad.  Give your aching heart and break and allow it too be filled with admiration for the Father that is still in heaven on His throne.  He is in your corner and He won’t leave you in despair,if you will only reach for Him, you will see how He can lift you up.