Easter Story Eggs: a Christ centred acitivity for you, and your Kids.

Easter in Northern BC is usually grey patchy snow, and frozen puddles.  We try and plan to have a camp fire each year after sunday service but it is, of corse weather dependant.  After feeling cooped up for much of the winter spending a long day packed inside, dose not feel like much of a celebration to me.  So we bundle up and dig out and the roasting sticks from the shed, for a humble feast of hots dogs usually accompanied by chile and chips.

After a tasty feed and once the children have lost interest in breaking frozen puddles with whatever rocks or sticks aren’t still under snow.  A few of us gather them up for a walk, wile some stay behind to hide eggs.  Living on a acreage makes it easy to spread them about the yard for a exciting hunt!

So in with the chocolate eggs I hide my collection of Easter Story Eggs.  It is a collection of eggs filled with short pomes that tell the Easter story.  Accompanying each pome is a element that gives a tangible reminder of the happenings of that first easter week so long ago.

I am excited to share this idea with you, and help get a tradition started with your little ones!! Its so easy and it will help keep the focus on the reason we gather at Easter.  It won’t take over your day or scare away your family that “thinks your going to overboard with that religion stuff”  Its just a simple reminder for us all that Jesus came to serve and save and that is why we celebrate!

You will need:
* 1 dozen refillable plastic easter eggs
* A copy of the free printable below
* A Sharpie
* The element to accompany the pome for each egg
* A empty egg carton (to store your eggs in to use again next year)

Step one: Print and cut out Pomes

Step two: Gather your elements

Step three: Fill your eggs. (I used matching colours for the egg with the pome and its accompanying element)

Step four: Use your sharpie to number the eggs

Step five: Hide your easter Story eggs for your little ones to find and open them together as a family.

My end game with this activity is;

A chance for grandparents and other family members to gather, and share their faith with my kids. Having many voices, speaking the Word of Truth into my kids lives will help to set a firm foundation in their hearts and minds.

Also some day when my kids have questions and topics they need to discuss with a trusted adult they might not want to talk to me about it. But helping them establish positive and like minded voices in their lives at a young age will help them to discern who they can bring their struggles and fears to in the future.

But this also serves as a simple and casual platform to share the gospel message with friends and family in our lives who wouldn’t otherwise include Christ in their Easter celebrations.

Access the Free Printable below, for a copy of the pomes to insert in your eggs. As well the  directions to make your own Easter Story Eggs!