Book Review and Recommendation Humble Roots


Humble Roots by. Hannah Anderson

This was a refreshing book.  It had a super simple thesis; You are Not God, so quit stressing out as though you have the whole world in your care.  

I loved it!  Though it was straight forward I felt like she laid a feast of examples of humility in action and the over flow of contentment and grace and connection we have with God and others when we posture our selves as humble.

Hannah and her pastor, Husband are avid gardeners and dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of horticultural that has been passed on to them.  Her stories of trees and berries and herbs and the people who grow and forage such things were lovely.    These themes were inter woven with stories of family, friends and ministry experiences, that enriched the challenge to be humble and and let go and let God.

Read it, then go plant a garden, and watch how God makes all things beautiful in His time!


Book Review and Recommendation Simplicity Parenting


By Kim John Payne

Both the trucker and I have listened to this book and been encouraged and challenged.  We had been cultivating a rather simple life with our children for the last few years.  Trying to keep the clutter at bay and limiting the toy collection.  Boundaries with TV is not revolutionary.  Keeping family time sacred as the on call life allows.  But in regards to our commentary on our children’s lives and the voice we speak into their day to day I was blow away.  That chapter alone gave me so much to practice and apply in ways that I had not even considered yet.

Weather you are a seasoned minimalist or a hot mess mama with clutter dressing on the side, there is something in this book for everyone!  I will listen to it again and again to keep focused on the simple important things in life.

There were so may testimonies of how this had applied to many peoples lives, in lots different situation.  This painted a real picture of what you could be anticipating or even a confirmation of what you might be experiencing right now.

Either a great reminder to give courage or a revolutionary new concept.  Recommend this book to anyone looking for a bit of room to breath in the crazy of life.  You will find answers here!

Ruth the Good the Bad & the Unconditional

Ruth 2:1-18 Toil & Mercy

What do you learn about the happenings in this text?                                                             Ruth is doing the hard work of living in poverty and we are introduced to Boaz. 

Why is the author wighting these words?                                                                                     We are getting the background on our people, because as image bearers of God our character is important.

It occurs to me, that Ruth was Barren in her first marriage.  Only God can be responsible for the strange grace of saving her maternal years for the man who would so truly in-body the picture of redeemer and friend.  Only a good God can take something so desperate and sad and hallow, like a widow with a empty womb, and make it beautiful.  Beautiful like only things can be when they are working towards, His glory and His very ancestry.  God is alive in our day to day, we are a part of something bigger then ourselves.  Remember that as you question “why has fill in the blank been allowed, to play out this way”.  God dose not inflict the pain and suffer upon His prized creation.  But He works it all out for His glory.  He is in the perpetual process of drawing us into His glorious story.

A note for Mama Bears everywhere;  If ever your days as a mama make you question “is this messy, noisy, day after day life, of caring for my little children really a part of anything big and important?”  Know that we are drawn into a epic story of redeeming and saving and suffering for the Golry of God.  Never will there be a ministery more deeply intrenched in the work of our saviour then the 24/7, no chance of retiring, work of mother hood. 

So back to Ruth…  She when out to glean with the hope of “finding favour” and when she did find it in Boaz eyes she was surprised.  How often are we surprised by answered prayer?  Is that the difference of living with assurance of the truth of Gods goodness or just the hope God is good?

When Boaz entered the field his workers and him exchanged “the Lords blessing”  as a greeting and he went on to speak to Ruth with a similar blessing language.  This would introduce Boaz to us a “Christian Leader Type”.  He was well standing, his employees like him and he is generous.

We see Gods quiet work from the beginning as appose to his miraculous working in a moment.

Ruth being barren so a redeemer is required…                                                                         Her ending up in Boaz field…                                                                                                           The owner is a close relative and single and loves God…

Boaz had the hots for Ruth from the start I figure, he went out of his way to be so kind and to tell the other men to leave her alone.  He offered “whenever you are thirsty, go and get a drink from the water jars the men have filled.”

This brought to mind,   John 7:37                                                                                                         On the last day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying “if anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.”

Do you remember Indiana Jonas and the Search for the Holy Grail?  The German guy “chose poorly”  He drank from the wrong cup and death was all he got.  It was a rich mans cup he chose.

But Indy chose a shabby cup, the cup of a carpenter, a humble cup and he received life.  He “chose wisely”

Ruth was so humble “She bowed down with her face to the ground”  She spoke of herself as a servant, as one without standing.  She worked hard and accepted charity from a stranger.

She didn’t have to stay in Boaz field.  She could have played the “fields” if you will.  But she accepted the charity and kindness offered.  She was humble.  To accept the offered drink is to say “Yes I am completely at your mercy, I don’t even have a cup to carry water in.’  It also says to me Ruth was confident and valued herself anouf, to care for herself.  She did take a break in some borrowed shade, and she was willing to commune with the other workers.  She didn’t hide away in the corner of the field,  ashamed of her poverty.  She was ready for redemption because she felt redeemable. 

Do I always feel redeemable?  No   Why?   Because I am prideful and keep my eyes on my lacking and struggle and not on Gods loving nature.

So what can I do?   Cultivate Gratitude, memorize Scripture and Live loved

Chose wisely, be humble, be ok with the need for God to redeem your broken places and live in light of the Glorious story you are place in as a child of God.

This is the story of Ruth.

Printable Picks

Language Arts!

Im enjoying teaching my littles their letters and setting the stepping stones to reading.  My Reata Girl is a Visual and Kinestheti learner so we do lots of hand on and busy work,  along with flash cards and repetition. She is doing so well and in little incremental steps I can see her comprehension and retention unfolding!

So I will share with you a few of our favourite school activities for LA, and encourage you if you have a hands on learner its not as intimidating as it might seem.  I was trying to stay away from “all the stuff” wanting to keep my homeschool simple.  But more important then that it needed to be successful,  That meant it needed to be hands on.

I have 2 toy bins I keep in a cupboard that hold all my manipulatives.  One for LA and one for Math.  It really hasn’t taken up much space, once I had it all laminated and separated into little boxes. (I use cardboard takeout boxes I picked up a wholesale cheap) I just pull out my bins in the morning and I have most everything I need for the day all organized and ready to use.  The kids can pick what they want to learn with or I can lay it out as I have intention in my lesson. But it has been really easy to contain and curate just a little bit of what my girl needed to feel confident with her learning style!


Trace and Clip cards from:

These are great for my 4yr old and 6yr old.  I have a set I put on a ring that travels with us and is great when we are waiting up town for anything.  I love everything this gal put up on her blog and this was free like lots of her stuff so check her out!


Upper and Lower case clip wheel from :

This a a great independent practice for my 6yr. old to continuing learning her letters.  I have my bouncy girl stand on a balance board and she clips away happily wile I get a chance to prepare our next lesson or work with one of my other littles.


I honestly can’t even remember where I got this one but just look on pintrest and you are going to find multiple of the same thing.

We use this all the time and its a great interactive lesson that we can do together as a group and it is a easy one for mama.  I get them set with chocolate chips and I have time to drink on tea wile we get some chatting out.  It is a good filler between worksheets or copy work.  The kids get a treat of chocolate chips or raisons and thence are ready to go on with something less exciting.

Keeping the work switched up and changing without needing to come us with elaborate lesson plans every day has been a great practice for me as the teacher and mama.  So I encourage you, check these websites out and you will find so many more that will speak to you and excite your kids.

Hang in there mama teacher, you can do this! 

Ruth; the Good the bad & the Unconditional

Week two: Bitter Sweet

What is discussed through out this passage?
the town being stirred up at the return of Namoi and Namoi’s feelings about her state of mind.

Everything is the Lords fault. Namoi was trying to isolate herself from people and places and now the truth comes out….
When you are mad at your father the only place to be is alone, cause who will take your side?

having a sharp, pungent taste or smell; not sweet
(of people and feelings or behaviour) angry, hurt, or resentful because of one’s bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment.

serve as evidence or proof of somethings existing of being the case.

the choice of the word testify seems to point to something placed upon Namoi like a judgment or consequence of a previous action. I wonder if she fought to stay in Bethlehem during the famine? If she feels she has brought Gods wrath upon herself?
When have I believed that?
Can we actually bring Gods wrath upon ourselves with bad choices?

if only Hebrews12:10-13 had been written for Namoi to read.

They disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, in order that we may share in his holiness. No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.
 Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. “Make level paths for your feet,” so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.

Gods wrath? Im not convince, but His discipline is doled out in accordance to His decrement.  God appears to possess wrath, but it is not detached from His love.  Namoi may have been under the discipline of our heavenly Father or she may have simple been in deep morning but it is safe to say she was bitter and God was the target.  But He has big shoulders and can burden our broken.  


Lets take it right back to Deuteronomy 29:18-19 and remember bitterness is rooted in anger and guilt.
Make sure there is no man or woman, clan or tribe among you today whose heart turns away from the Lord our God to go and worship the gods of those nations; make sure there is no root among you that produces such bitter poison.
19 When such a person hears the words of this oath and they invoke a blessing on themselves, thinking, “I will be safe, even though I persist in going my own way,” they will bring disaster on the watered land as well as the dry.

When we say in our heart, I’m fine I can dabble in this sin and not succumb or be tempted. We may be flaunting a false sense of salvation, a sense that we are the creator of our own salvation and not in need of Gods assistance to holy and set apart.  I can only imagine that Namoi living away from her people (Gods children) and submersed in a pagan culture must have influence her last few years away in some way or another.  She was desert dwelling in the day land, without a community of like minded believers.  How parched she must have felt, how trying it must have been.

What is the point?
be doers not only hearers…

When Namoi and her husband fled the famine they left a portion of their firm foundation as well. They did not “do” the Word and failed to remember the prevision of God in the wilderness. They seemed to have forgotten their ancestry of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who were given promises and prevision.

God wanted the Israelites to dwell in the land He had given them. He wants us to dwell in the prevision and grace He gives us. Everything in His book leads us to understand that all joy and flourishing will happen when we dwell in His presents and plans.

So when we leave and hopefully return; shame, guilt and bitterness can be very real if we “knew” better then to toy with temptation.

Bitterness is a root that grows in our hearts. We can either water it or pull it out.

Understanding Gods truth and living like we are loved, regardless of wether we have strayed, is the best cure for bitterness. Namoi strayed (even if it was just geographically) and she probably knew that, and she was just mad and sad. As Namoi returned to Gods home for her, His path He had placed them on, not so many years earlier (a path that lead out of Egypt). As she returned to what she knew as peace and goodness. As she departed from folly. She could see in living colour the grief of straying from the path chose for her people, for her family.

This made me think of the balance of the submissive wife who allows her husband to lead, but not to a fault. Submitting to Christ first and committing to His ongoing work in her spouse is a fine line that must be walked with prayer and humility. We sometimes must stand our ground and say “You need to reconsider, and seek God and do the right thing” Not just the thing for right now.

Im not certain they were “wrong to go away from Bethlehem in the first place” But Namoi’s reaction upon arrival back home made me wonder how things might have been different had they stayed in faith and not stepped out in fear. This also caused me to wonder, where do I need to be weighing my decisions with prevision from past experience and the future potential for the giving of life or taking it away.

Sometimes Faith is a step, and sometimes Faith is staying put. Continuing to do the hard, sweaty, work of picking up one tiny seed of life giving potential after another and counting is at blessed. Day after day. Sometimes the faithful life looks like working a little harvest and finding the joy in the reaping of small things.

Right now mom life seems relentlessness. Spilled milk, runny noses, lost socks, big emotions, and lego, contaminating every surface of my house. But remaining present and joyful even in this, I receive a harvest of abundant joy. Exercising thankfulness, with the stooping and gathering of each beautiful mom moment, is the harvest that I am labouring in today. Bitterness can’t take root in soil that is overgrown with thankfulness and faithfulness.

This is the Story of Ruth.

Ruth; the Good the Bad & the Unconditional

Week one, Ugly Beautiful
Ruth 1:1-18

Who is involved?
Briefly the husband and sons         they were part of the first move away from Bethlehem
Ruth and Namoi                                 involved in a “covenant” of sorts
Orpa and Namoi                                involved in a farewell

What was discussed?
Leaving and returning
Cleaving from and to others

We learn Namoi has had a hard go, between the famine and a relocation. Then the loss of all her men. To be expected, she was very broken hearted and also aware of her brokenness.

Sometimes, I believe we can feel lost, broken and sadness and not understand the root of it. At this point in the story I don’t think that is the case for Namoi.  She knows “I was full but now I am empty”. She eludes to the feelings of it being the Lords fault. Wether right or wrong she knows that once she was full and close to the Lord, and now she is not. Her only move it to return to her home “the house of bread” and find the hope that can only be found in the presents of the Father.

There is something “uninvited” about Namoi in this story….

She spends the first 18 verses, leaving one place for another and either voluntarily asking to be left alone or just losing people. She seems like a perpetual island and determined that God had dealt harshly with her. Its a limited view of the “Hope for our future.”

This is true for me and I bet a lot of woman. We feel left out or alone so we insist in being left out and alone, and we begin to behave in a ways to get left out (her intro once she is back home, proclaiming her bitterness) Who wants to hang out with that lady?

Ruth did…

She chose the hard thing, she places herself in close quarters with the bitter mother-in-law, and displays for us 4 things required to walk with a friend stuck in sadness:

Weep together. How often do we lack the words when faced with devastating news from a friend. But I bet we could almost always have tears. Misery loves company and we don’t always need someone to be brave and strong for us. We need a friend who can show us, its ok to be weak and I won’t be sent running at the first sign of tears. A well balanced friendship should not only be able to laugh together but also to cry together.

Be Kind. Kindness is the result of selflessness and humility. When we are kind we sacrifice our comfort for others because we see them as precious children of God. Kindness is a key to unlocking intimacy and venerability.  Its as simple as reaching out with gentleness in small acts of love. A smile to the down trodden, a drink to the thirsty, a place at the table to the lonely.  Kindness is treating others with humanity, because that is what Jesus did. He was so kind to become human so we could be saved by an offering of kindness. Its what gives us hope and hope gives us courage and with courage great things are accomplished.

Stand by your people. Relationships that stand the test of turmoil are golden, and a beautiful reflection of how God intended us to “love one another the way He first loved us”. They are your people for a reason, wether family or friend if we are committed to our sphere of people we are showing our commitment to loving the Children of God. This isn’t easy. I get it. They say you get to choose your friends but not your family. But God has placed you here, with theses people, for a time such as this and we are to be faithful to His calling. Even when its hard. On that note, there are times when a season of friendship may come to a close.  But that decision is not to be taken lightly rather to be covered prayerfully. Orpa did not not stay with Namoi, she is not a terrible person for this choice, she wept with her people, but the time had come for her to move back home. This can only be a case by case consideration, but all are to be filter through the lens of Jesus calling on our individual lives.

Display Patience. Bare with long suffering those who have a hard road to travel. Patience is what we all require. So give it generously. Regardless of your perspective of those who seem to be perpetually slowing down the progress. We all have these individuals in our lives, and we are all this person, to some one in our lives. Its a level playing field but when we are faithful especially through the dark days we all come out with a shared victory.

This is the reflection of Jesus teaching, this is the old testament pointing to the New, to Christ and to the Kingdom coming. When we live and walk as Christ calls us to, with kindness and patients, we fulfill the gospel and proclaim His glory.

Ruth would be one more branch in the family tree of Christ. One step closer to the kingdom coming. Just like Ruth we are to walk with intention towards kingdom living and become the branches that shelter our people and give shade to the hurting.

This is the Story of Ruth.

Ruth: the Good the Bad & the Unconditional

This fall I hosted a delightful group of ladies for a study through the book of Ruth.  We simply broke it down into small chunks and each inductively read and studied week by week and came prepared to share what was revealed to us.  

Conversational prayer was encouraged and a list of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How questions were available to contemplate. Of corse the filter of the Holy Spirit in our individuals lives was the key to unlocking this book in a new and intimate way.  Different woman with a buffet of backgrounds and experiences was the perfect combination to really make this book become a 3D experience.  Bringing ideas and virtues and concepts to the surface, that on my own, I never would have considered.

The Lord was smiling on us in some very practical ways as well.  With an average of 9 kids, all under the age of 6.  We rarely had a interruption, kids who love to be out in the yard and knew where their boundaries were out there.  It floor me each week how the weather cooperated with us! One of the highlights for me was the Trucker getting a random Thursday off and taking on “child care” which consisted of quads and sleds and stories and even joining us for closing prayer.  When our men are surrendered to servant hearted leadership we all come out blessed.  

So I will share with you week by week what the Lord revealed to me as I combed through this little book.    

Week Zero  At First Glance

After reading the book of Ruth what stood out to me first was the picture of Ruth gleaning…..  She was going out to find her “salvation” in the fields.  Literally stooping low to gather food off the ground so her and Namoi would not starve.  So they could live.  Not realizing that her redeemer was right in front of her the whole time.

I see a picture of myself in this story.  As a people pleaser, I bend myself to serve and connect and labour, specifically in the church, to find the feeling of connection and hope. I forget that through those doors it is Christ waiting for me to look up, and find Him waiting to take my burdens and emptiness and serve me as my soul saviour.

Fast forward to, Ruth mets Boaz on the willowing floor. She came to the physical spot where our broken and fractured pieces are lifted up and tossed in the wind. To have a the chaff, the unnecessary, the dried up, the broken prices of our outer shell blown away. That is when the seed, the valuable life inside of us, lands gently at our redeemers feet ready to be repurposed, to bring life to the world.

This is a picture of venerability and allowing our hearts to be seen.  Only when we allow the process of breaking our hard outer shells under the harvesters hands do we become a seed ready to be planted.

Humility, Boldness, Courage, and Commitment are just a few of the virtues that called out  if this story.

I was challenged by Ruth to be a Faithful daughter-in-law.

I was encouraged by Namoi to allow the process of mourning and loss to take its corse and not hide from revealing my true broken self.

Boaz is an impressive example of how to do singleness well.

The refugee, the friend of the mourning, the widow, the single.  This book has something for so many if we choose to look and seek.  Sometimes its easy to question why a book was included in the old testament but it is clear to see this book points to Jesus and the Kingdom coming with very specific actions and examples.

Join me, This is the Story of Ruth.

Available resources below;                                                                                                                         Please print out your own FREE copy of my “Ruth Study Notes” so you can join in at home! It is my desire to assist others to explore the word of God in new and deeper ways.  Make your own commentary and please share your thought with me here at the Farrell Mama Blog!!

Farrell Mama Ruth Study Notes



Printable Picks

It is a great time to be a homeschool family.  With the internet and a host of creative and generous education bloggers and curriculum providers, you have everything you may ever need at your finger tips!

My Reata Girl is rocking Kindergarten right at our kitchen table, and the little man is joining in with great enthusiasm!  I have chosen to forgo more complete, package, curriculum for our first year of homeschool.  Moms who know much more then I about such things advised that I keep our learning options very open and tailored to the days interests and excitement.

So I have slowly been collecting an assortment of hands on activities that my kiddies can manipulate and manage with independence.  We slip these in between work sheets, outside time, chores and read-alouds.

I wanted to share some of our favourites with you.

  1. clothes pin number match 1-10  great for keeping hands and minds busy. Both my kids love this one!  The little clothes pegs have been great fine moter practice for my boy especially as he has needed some practice with gentle hands and subtle movements, like most little boys do!  It looks simple and like they would be quick to outgrow this.  But its perfect for building confidence, neither have grown tired of this activity.

you can find this at



2. number sorting cards 1-10.  These have been super helpful to the kids for recognizing not only the number but what that number looks like in a group at a glance!  They both really enjoy this activity and can do in independently, or with kitty supervision;)

check it out at



3. The last one is another count and clip card that my kids are enjoying.  I like the quality of the pictures on these ones and below I have used the sorting cards as a guide for my daughter to check her own work. Though a month later she dose not require a “cheat sequence of number” she can think and remember what her numbers are on her own!  Also along with recognizing their numbers, they get to practice taking their time and being sure they are paying attention.  Sometimes my kids just like to get goofy and rush through school but these simple math activities help them to focus and get to that feeling of accomplishment without tears or complete boredom, which is always a win in my book!

get them Free at


We are enjoying a intentional but casual school approach. Thus far and we have a lot of out door adventure sprinkled in with the table times.  Plus lego and reading and just running the house together.  Little hands helping with cooking and chores makes for more work for mom but lots more time for learning.

So hang in there mom-teacher!  You are doing great and we are all in this together!  Cultivating a life long love of learning is number 1 at this stage not only for your kids but for you if we want to have energy and joy for the long haul!  So go and enjoy those kids and all the adventures, snuggles and spills.  But when it get to be too much, just do what I do and lock yourself in the bathroom for a time out.  This too shall pass!

Book Review & Recommendation, When Parenting isn’t Perfect

When Parenting isn’t Perfect

By Jim Daly


Well if your a Focus on the Family listener then you know anything by Jim Daly is a sure win!  His encouraging spirit come out once again in this great book about God filling the gap.

We are not going to be perfect 100% of the time and Jim gives us permission to let that worry go.  To shake off the pride and allow our feet to touch the ground.  He says its going to be ok, just keep loving your kids and working as a team with your spouse and pray.

I was encouraged to let go of the illusion that you an control your kids and instead focus on guiding them and teaching them to understand responsibility.  They have minds and a will of their own and your needs for control over who your kids will become or how they behave can’t get in the way of Grace.  Keep building a foundation of acceptance and love and lots of grace and do overs.  For both parents and kids.

I will read it again once my kids are per-teens.  It was bit other ahead of where I am right now but gave me lots of good things to chew on as I lay the foundation for years to come.

Completely recommend this book!  Especially for those of you with teens and tweens!  Its a great call to let go of your worries as far as the statue quo is concerned.  That just because conditions might not be perfect in your life you can still be a great parent.  Wether you feel your limitations, to fully bless your child is because of a lack of funds, time, energy, wholeness in your marriage, what ever your sad story might be…  God is still working out His good will for your children through you, or despite of you.

Super Book, Read it!!

One Body, Forged by the Faithful, Fuelled with Youth

As a body of believers we are like a rolling ocean.

Some are in the adolescence of faith, frothing and breaking at the peak of the swell with passion and energy.  Riled by injustice and quick to spring to action.  Sometimes causing a splash and a crash, or creating a crest of rolling beauty.

Others are in the quiet of resting in Life with Christ.  Settled into the harbour of God Grace.  They have seen and discussed all theses things bombarding the church now and have seen it all before.  By faith and experience they know the Lord has provided and His Word had stood true this long.  They need not make much of a ripple now.

Also there are those in the deep dark places, reaching for the light and hope.  Those that are dwelling underneath the surface.  Christians get sad and get low and it is up to the rest of us to look beneath the surface and send undercurrents to prayer and love to move and stir those disconnected from the Joy of life with Christ and his children.

And then there are those far away lost at sea, searching for the secrets of this great and mysterious body that moves as one and as many at the same time.

Romans 12:5      So it is with one body. We are many parts of a body, and we will belong to one another. 

Young don’t look at the old as complacent or disinterested.  They have patience and wisdom on their side.

Proverbs 19:20      Listen to advice and accept discipline, and in the end you will be counted among the wise.

Like wise, you older, don’t disregard the passion and conviction you see in the young at faith, as folly.

I Timothy 4:12     Don’t let anyone look down upon you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.

Rather look to each other to glean wisdom and to gather excitement.

Look into the water that rolls and shimmers with the spirit and soul of a great nation and dive deep.  Baptizing your whole being in the living water that is to flow into the bare and desert land.

Only when we accept the church, graciously, as flawed and sinful, as a band of brothers and sisters, can we work as one.

If the family of God is a ocean, then the filling of the body comes from many different sources.  Rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds.  We are all running clear to the same destination, splashing and overflowing many banks on the way.

Look upon your brothers and sisters and realize they are not just like you….  Yet we are drawn to the same destiny of life reconciled to Christ.  Though we all have different struggles and interests and stories and ambitions.  All streams lead to the sea but every kind of water fills the basin of Gods great grace.  If we are to be a body, that is pleasing to God, we are to endure patiently, regard respectfully, listen more then we talk and give more then we receive.  Its the Golden rule and it is true for the flourishing of our Christian family.

Luke 6:31   Do onto others what you would have them do to you.

A loving display of acceptance of every person, in the sea of faces that ebb and flow through channels of faith, on our way to the sea. Each is a important key to bringing water to a desert place and quenching the thirst.  Flow with the grace given us with Christ and filter His love to a parched land.